4220 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Raised Letters & A-Frames
Gemini Inc. Injected Molded Formed Plastic
Metal Studs and Drill Pattern Required
Computer Routed Metal Face Foam
Custom A-Frame Signs: 1/2 Inch MDO Plywood, primed & painted 4
sides  (traditionally with oil enamel paint) and a hinge handle. Rounded
edges are a hedge against wood damage if and when the unit is
knocked over.

Less expensive and more durable are these plasticised rubber prefab
units, much labor is saved not watching paint dry. Unfortunately oil
enamel is not as durable as it once was and requires longer drying time,
so these prefab units can be turned around much quicker. These samples
are mounted with 2 PVC Show Cards each. For the same reason we
don't use acrylic paint on our plywood, we don't recommend direct
application of computer cut vinyl on this prefab. Best bet is to drill and
silicone a PVC sign to the prefab.
Hand Cut Insulated Foam
Hand Cut Insulated Foam/Silicone Install
Mixed Methods
Hand Cut Wood and Insulated Foam
and B Boston Injected Molded Plastic
Wall Lettering / Miscellaneous
Hand-Cut High Density Foam with Metal Verneer
High Density Foam with Red Vinyl
Gemini Injected Molded "Minnesota" Plastic Letters
Drill Pattern/ Stud-Drill Mounting
Gemini Plastic Letters with Custom Injected Molded Logo
CNC Routed 1/2 Inch PVC/ Silicone Install
Custom Molded Aluminum Plaque