4220 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Andrew's Signs makes Custom Signs for long durability and short
term purposes. Browse around this site and you will get a basic idea
of what we do. We hope it will stimulate ideas and codifies what it is
you might want to do.

We make a lot of quick signs and fast signs for events, promotion and
sales and in our over 20 years of operation, have not missed a

Our clients include the Fred Segal/ Ron Herman Store on Melrose Ave.
and many of the other Ron Herman Stores. We keep the schedule
boards at The Greek Theatre up to date. We have done trade show
signage at the California Mart for The Pacific Coast Travelers and The
New York Fashion Creators. For several years we made national
signage for Federated Dept. Stores with our partner Veeda Plastics &
Display. Those contracts included display signage for Macy's inhouse
lines such as Alfani and Charter Club and many other varied projects
at local California Macy's.

Our technology here is primarily vinyl cutting plotters and print/cut
machines. That means we can print a high or low resolution graphic
image on sticky-back vinyl and cut around (contour-cut) the graphic
image. We scan, digitize and photograph.
We have skills in photo-editing, 2D layout and design and 3D digital
We currently are using a Roland Soljet 545 EX which prints banners 24
inches, 36 inches and 54 inches high (other widths might be stocked)
by "x" length. This printer uses what is called Eco-Solvent Max ink
which penetrates the heated surface it is applied to, be that vinyl or
banner stock and that makes for lengthier outdoor durability resisting
water and sun. Long term graphics can be laminated for even greater
We still can hand paint if there is a good reason for it and still paint the
occasional outdoor stucco wall, using technologies that are hundreds
of years old.
We produce cut out letters of insulated foam and wood (etc.) which we
cut on scroll and table saws and install, or farm out to shops with
digital routers. We install non-electrical plastic formed letters by
Gemini Inc..

We work from Your Notions and/or Files. We lend our
Expertise and Experience to Your Project and Give You Our
Often Unsolicited Opinion. We Try to Make You Aware of
Hidden Difficulties If There Are Any.
We Consider Sign-Making a Collaborative Process and Try
Our Best to Clearly Inform  What We Are Doing and How We
Intend to Do It.
Maria Pounces Chalk Dust through
Paper Perforations. We Will Hand
Paint the Transferred  Outlines
with One-Shot Lettering Enamel
We really can't do it till we know what you want. Prices are based on
size, words, design time, distance, materials, methods etc. You are
requesting a custom sign, something that is made specifically to your
specifications, until we have consulted at least a little and determined
whether it is bigger than a breadbox and what it might be made of, it is
a little foolish to ask me, "How Much?" If nothing else this website
should prepare you a little to have that conversation with me.
Ready to Apply Vinyl Logos with
Application Tape
Wall Lettering / Miscellaneous