4220 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
1/2 Inch White PVC with layers of High
Performance Vinyl Including Background
(Generally it is not recommended to overlay Vinyl)
Aluminum Blank w. Overlay of Vinyl
Rubberized Plastic
Imitation Wood Post
Avoid the Big Hole in the Grass
Self Install with a Hammer
and Not a Shovel!
Custom Welded Frame with welded
prongsfor Additional Sliders.
This MDO Sign has one attached
Aluminum Slider Tray (3" x 24")
2 Sided Shaped MDO Plywood
Hanging from a Very Custom Welded
Post, Concrete Install
Might Be Painted MDO Plywood
or White Polymetal which is two Baked Enamel
Surfaces, Sandwiching a High Density Foam
The Most Important Element for these Signs is a Flat Surface! You Don't want to see them in your Rear
View Mirror. So before you ask me, "How Much", decide where you will put them on your Car or Van. Every
Part of The Magnetic Sheet Should Contact Metal!  So Break Out that Ruler
before you Call. Also Note, All
Signs Are Not Created Equal, Some Are Far More Design Intensive, and Time Is Money.
Text Intensive Aluminum Sign
This Sign could be printed but HP Vinyl Letters
Might Last 10 Years. However, if we think The
Rules will change, we might print that part of
this sign.
Parking Garage Signs
We Even Letter Drum Heads
Coroplast Signs are the least
Expensive Substrate, Perfect
for Event Signage that need
to Survive a Rain
Coroplast Sign with Grass Insertion Stake. This
Stake Inserts into the Fluted Coroplast Sign 7
Inches and also into the Ground 7 Inches. From
the Ground Bar to the Sign Bottom are 15"
This is an Over Sized Show Card, 12 x 3 feet on 3 Ml. PVC
Stock. Our Client uses these to Identify their Involvement in
an Architectural Project.
Wall Lettering / Miscellaneous